projectdoc Toolbox

Releases of the projectdoc Toolbox

The release notes for the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence.

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Version Short Description Date
Wiki Link for Remote Controlled Documents, improvements and bugfixes
Template Support for Table Columns, Box Support for Transclusion, Space Console Construction for nameless Space Homepages, Doctype Homepage Property, and Scroll Office Boxes Support for Name List Macro
Space Homepage with no Name
Delete Space Fix, Phantom References Fix
Transclusion Reference Macro, Body List Fix
Phantom References, Nameless Documents, Table Macros, and enhanced Page Tree Support.
Send-to-Homepage, Remote Controlled Documents, Deep Links in Queries, Authentication for Remote Information Systems, List Queries, Enhanced Recursion Detection, and model-based Core Add-on.
Bugfix release for Transaction Fixes and Updates for Page Moves
New macros, improvements, and bugfixes. Requires update of extensions and all doctype add-ons.
Support for providing properties by attached files, list documents by properties, and accessing ancestor properties.
Improved support for indexes and howtos.
Support for Confluence 6.0 and bugfixes.
Improved Support for Templates, Support for Web API, improved Transclusions
Fix identifier issue with Content Marker and Section Macro.
Adding more rules to find boxed property values that break paragraphs.
Boxing fix for inlining display property results.
Support for Confluence 5.10.
Support for the new Web-API Extension.
Property Supplier Macro, Placeholders in Space Properties, Transclusion from Confluence Pages, Extension Support, and Heading Level for Sections
Delegate Document Feature, SEO Support, Glossary Support, Title Encodings, Space Closures, Date Properties
Transclusion Cache, Report Support, Enhancements and Bugfixes, Support for Confluence 6.9.
Space Property Extensions and more

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