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Property Supplier Macro, Placeholders in Space Properties, Transclusion from Confluence Pages, Extension Support, and Heading Level for Sections

Today we released version 1.11 of the projectdoc Toolbox on the Atlassian Marketplace!

projectdoc is an add-on for Confluence supporting agile software development teams to collaborate on process, project, system, and product documentation. 


New and Noteworthy

The following changes may be the most interesting of this release.

Property Supplier Macro

With this version it is now very easy to specify document properties in separate tables. This makes it possible to group properties semantically and show them on different locations of the page.

There is still one Document Properties Marker Macro required, but there can be any number of additional Document Properties Supplier Macros. The author is still responsible to make sure that each property is provided only once.

Document Properties as Data provides a tip on using the Document Properties Supplier Macro.

Placeholders in Space Properties

It is now very easy to references space properties within a space property value. Just use ${name} where name refers to another space property.

A typical usage scenario is to define the version of a product and reuse this information within other space properties.


Using Space Properties provides tips on working with space properties.

Extension Support

We have learned that users of the projectdoc Toolbox are overwhelmed its the features. While being feature rich is a good thing, overwhelming is not. Therefore we decided to move some of the core features to extensions. This way users can better decide which features they want to install and which not.

With this release the support for information systems integration and for Maven moved to extensions.

Information Systems Extension
Add-on to extend the projectdoc Toolbox to integrate remote information systems.
Maven Extension
Add-on to extend projectdoc for Confluence with Maven Tools.

If you relay on the information systems' macros or the Maven support, please make sure to upgrade to 1.11 of the projectdoc Toolbox once these extensions are publicly available!

Both extensions are free to use and installed as additional add-ons to the required projectdoc Toolbox.

Information Systems Extension

Due to the introduction of placeholders in space properties, referring to resources on remote information systems is now much easier. Macros that solely provided means to construct URLs out of several parts are now deprecated and will be removed with one of the next releases.

The most important feature of this release is the support for autoconversion. Every URL that is defined as an external resource will be automatically converted to a macro. This makes it very easy to replace the base URL to an information system in case the system moved to another location.

For more information on working with remote information systems, please refer to Information Systems Extension.

Maven Extension

The Maven Extension provides tools to create spaces and pages based on artifact information. Currently information is read from POMs, buildmetadata, and Maven Plugin Descriptors.

Transclusion from Confluence Pages

Prior version of the projectdoc Toolbox required the transcluding and the transcluded page to be projectdoc documents. With version 1.11 both ends of the transclusion may now be Confluence pages. That is: neither page needs to have the Document Properties Marker Macro.

Heading Level for Sections

With this version of the projectdoc Toolbox the starting level of sections can be configured per space. That is: the team may decide whether the titles of the top-level sections are rendered as h1 or h2.

The rendering is controlled by the space property Heading Starting Level.

Control on Name Selection

The Name List Macro now allows the template author to restrict the selection of names. By configuration of the macro the user is aware to choose only one value or values from a given range.

  • PDAC-630 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • PDAC-631 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Breaking Changes

The following changes are incompatible with the previous release.

Doctype Add-on Update required

Due to PDAC-640 it is required to update the doctype add-ons for the projectdoc Toolbox.

Removed Macros

The information systems macros have been moved to their own extension.

Maven Services Removed

The Maven services have been moved to their own extension.

List of Changes

The complete list of changes for this release.

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