Generates reports on properties of a project that uses smartics properties.



This plugin for Maven generates reports for the properties defined with the smartics properties library.

smartics properties is a library for Java to declare and define properties and to access them from an application in a convenient way.

Convenience means that properties are easily

  1. declared (as an annotated Java interface)
  2. defined (e.g. in form of properties files on the classpath)
  3. resolved (e.g. construct properties with placeholders like ${server.url}/index.html)
  4. converted (e.g. to an URL or custom instance)
  5. validated (e.g. mandatory values or a value within a given range)
  6. accessed (typesafe)
  7. stored (e.g. file system or database)
  8. documented (e.g. to display error information to the user)

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