projectdoc Toolbox


Add-on to extend the projectdoc Toolbox for drawing document graphs.

projectdoc Toolbox

The add-on is currently in beta status and tested by a selected group of users.

The macros assume that the number of nodes being visited is quite small. So this is for rendering graphics useful to answer a specific question and not for rendering a graph with multiple dozens of nodes. The more nodes the graph renders, the longer it takes to render the page.

The extension to the projectdoc Toolbox provides macros to render graphs of projectdoc documents in Confluence.

Use this extension to render an overview over document graphs. For instance in case of documenting processes and the associated activities, each process and activity is described with its own document. The documents are associated with properties (a property value links to another document) or association documents. The macros of this extension are able to traverse these document graphs and render its text representation.

Currently only the graph description language DOT is supported. Use PlantUML for Confluence to turn the output of the projectdoc macros into graph images.


The extension provides the following macros to render graphs.

# Name Short Description
Renders a document graph in a graph language allowing the body to contain arbitrary content (including transclusions).
Renders a document graph in a graph language.


projectdoc Extensions
Extensions augment the projectdoc Toolbox. Features that are not relevant for all users are separated and may be installed on-demand by customers of the Toolbox.
Doctypes for Service Management
Provides doctypes to document services and systems for IT service management (ITSM).
Doctypes define properties and sections for documents. They are essentially Confluence Blueprints that help to create pages in your wiki based on templates.