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What is the projectdoc Toolbox?


The projectdoc Toolbox is an add-on for Confluence supporting agile teams to collaborate on agile documentation.

Use more than  65 macros to write and maintain modular documentation as a team. Employ transclusion , automatic lists , space properties , document properties , organizing tools , and many more features to build your information systems incrementally.

There are free add-ons with more than 70 page blueprints and space blueprints to get you started quickly. All blueprints are available open source in Bitbucket to adapt them according to your documentation requirements.

Please check out our  overview and the list of topics that may be relevant for your evaluation process! Compare some native Confluence macros with macros of the projectdoc Toolbox!

The projectdoc Toolbox is  available on the Atlassian Marketplace!


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Name Short Description Audience
Tour through the documentation for users who want to learn to create documents based on projectdoc doctypes.
Get users started with collecting external information that is relevant for their project. Each piece of information is referenced by a resource document. Excerpts and quotes are used to catch detailed information and make it referenceable.
More than a short introduction, this tutorial introduces the need-to-know basics to get started with projectdoc.

projectdoc in Action

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