projectdoc Toolbox

Add-on to extend projectdoc with an API to access on the web.

projectdoc Toolbox


projectdoc documents provide properties via the Document Properties Marker Macro and (optionally) Document Properties Supplier Macro.

These properties may define and document real configuration data or metadata information. Therefore there are use cases where teams want to access these properties from other information systems.

This extension provides a REST web API to query space properties and document properties.


Representations are rendered in JSON and XML. Queries, supported for projectdoc documents, may also return representations in CSV. Properties for space and document instances are also available in the Java Properties format.

REST Resources

The extension provides one resource to request representations for spaces and one for documents.

This is the list of REST resources provided by the projectdoc Web-API Extension:

Document Resource
Provides access to projectdoc documents via a web API.
Document Services Resource
Provides services for projectdoc documents via a web API.
I18N Resource
Services to access localized information via the I18N services.
Space Resource
Provides access to projectdoc space properties.

REST Services

The extension provides the following services on document and space resources.

Path HTTP Method Short Description
Adds, removes, and applies changes to properties and sections of a projectdoc document.
Creates a new projectdoc document based on a document representation.
Creates a hierarchy of documents based on the posted document.

Accessing the API

There are different approaches to access the web API provided by the projectdoc Toolbox via this extension.

REST API Browser

Use the REST API Browser of Confluence to start using the REST API provided by projectdoc.

The browser is accessible via plugins/servlet/restbrowser. For more information please refer to Using the REST API Browser.


The Bookmarklets Extension allows to integrate calls to the web API into the user's browser.

With bookmarklets services are brought to the fingertips of the users. The organization of bookmarks can be personalized very easily.

The Bookmarklets Extension provides a number of bookmarklets to get started. With the Bookmarklet Editor these bookmarklets can be loaded and installed. The editor also allows to create new bookmarklets.

An overview over projectdoc bookmarklets is available on Bookmarklets List Macro.


There are a lot of tools and programming libraries to use REST APIs.

cURL is one example to integrate information from projectdoc documents into remote information systems.


Logging is controlled by the package identifier

Version Tags

ETags are only supported for Confluence since version 5.10.x and version 1.1 of the web api.

Subordinate Topics

List of Services
Lists all services provided by the Web API Extension.


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