projectdoc Toolbox



A collection of blueprints for Confluence to create and work with documentation for Java projects.

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Requires projectdoc
Requires Maven Extension


This extension provides a space blueprint to create a space based on a Maven POM. The POM information is added as Metadata documents and their information is made available as space properties. All metadata documents (currently it is only one that contains all POM information) are added as subpages to a Version document. This makes it easy to switch versions for the documentation of a space and its references to resources on remote servers (such as Nexus or Javadoc reports on a Maven site).

If developers add Topic documents of the Main type, these articles will automatically be listed under the documentation section. This section will be placed between the Overview and the References section once at least on such topic is defined.


Maven POM Import
Import project information from Maven POM files. Provides information about required configuration to get this import running.