projectdoc Toolbox

Using projectdoc with a non-supported locale (language) works, but lacks some of its features. This short topic provides some details on this matter.

The projectdoc Toolbox provides tools that access properties from projectdoc documents. Properties in document instances are not accessible by the internationalization key (e.g. projectdoc.doctype.common.doctype for the document type of the document), but only by the localized name of the property (e.g. 'Doctype' or 'Dokumenttyp').

The projectdoc Toolbox currently only supports the locales en (English, default, not supported by the V-Modell XT doctype add-on) and de (German).

Users who need to translate the properties in a different language need to know:

  1. projectdoc assumes the site locale for all translations (that is users cannot use spaces for different languages in one instance)
  2. If a property name has been localized (e.g. 'Nombre' instead of 'Name') the tools relying on the property will assume it is not present if the localization information is not installed to the Confluence server

It is not possible to have projectdoc support languages other than the one specified in the site locale.

Note that problems usually arise if the user or browser is set to a different locale. This is because some macros render depending on the user's or browser locale at request time.

Workaround: The templates a blueprint is based on may be translated at space level. This way the template of a blueprint for the site locale "English" could be translated in a space to e.g. "German" (see Blueprints Cannot Be Configured to Use Non-English Languages). But for use cases where the system needs to access a certain property or section by name, these properties / sections must be available in both languages. This approach may not be valid for all use cases and needs to be tested thouroughly before being rolled out.

If you happen to need to use a different locale than en or de, then the article Internationalising your plugin provides some additional information on how to accomplish this.

  1. If you would like to provide your own localization bundle to provide translations for property and section names, smartics-projectdoc-confluence-l10n on Bitbucket provides a way to get started.
  2. If you would like to provide translations for this project, please get in touch! We'll mention you as contributor for a given locale in the POM file.
  3. Note that this will only translate a subset of the keys. If you need access to the full localization file (for translating e.g. also wizard and instructional texts), please get in touch! Note that localization bundles for doctype add-ons are available on Bitbucket. If you need to translate these the simply add the keys of the properties file from a doctype add-on project to the properties file in your fork of smartics-projectdoc-confluence-l10n.

Localization File

This is the list of resource keys projectdoc understands and uses to access properties (and sections) from a document instance.


This list presented here is not regularly updated and should be considered to provide an overview.

The properties file with this information is part of the add-on bundle (OBR) inside the projectdoc Toobox JAR file at de/smartics/projectdoc/

# Doctypes ####################################################################

# Common properties for all project documentation types
projectdoc.doctype.common.pageId=Page ID
projectdoc.doctype.common.shortName=Short Name Document Name Document Doctype Document Is-A Relationship
projectdoc.doctype.common.delegateDocument.pageRef=Delegate Document Page Reference
projectdoc.doctype.common.delegateDocument.pageLink=Delegate Document Page Link
projectdoc.doctype.common.shortDescription=Short Description
projectdoc.doctype.common.sortKey=Sort Key
projectdoc.doctype.common.cssStyleInformation=CSS Style Information
projectdoc.doctype.common.spaceKey=Space Key Title
projectdoc.doctype.common.spaceTags=Space Tags

projectdoc.doctype.common.relativeUrl=Relative URL
projectdoc.doctype.common.tinyUrl=Tiny URL
projectdoc.doctype.common.creationDate=Creation Date
projectdoc.doctype.common.creationDateMs=Creation Timestamp
projectdoc.doctype.common.creationDateNormalized=Creation Date\u00a7
projectdoc.doctype.common.creationTime=Creation Time
projectdoc.doctype.common.creationTimeNormalized=Creation Time\u00a7
projectdoc.doctype.common.lastModificationDate=Last Modification Date
projectdoc.doctype.common.lastModificationDateMs=Last Modification Timestamp
projectdoc.doctype.common.lastModificationDateNormalized=Last Modification Date\u00a7

projectdoc.doctype.common.version.number=Version Number
projectdoc.doctype.common.version.comment=Version Comment
projectdoc.doctype.common.version.number.withComment=Last Version Number with Comment
projectdoc.doctype.common.version.comment.withComment=Last Version Comment
projectdoc.doctype.common.lastModifier=Last Modifier
projectdoc.doctype.common.wikiType=Wiki Type
projectdoc.doctype.common.targetVersions=Target Versions
projectdoc.doctype.common.targetProducts=Target Products


projectdoc.doctype.common.removed=Removed Timestamp$\u00a7

## Association

## Resource
projectdoc.doctype.resource.publicationDate=Publication Date

## Image
projectdoc.imageUrl=Image URL
projectdoc.doctype.common.icon.s=S Icon
projectdoc.doctype.common.icon.xs=XS Icon
projectdoc.doctype.common.icon.xxs=XXS Icon

# Sections


More information on internationalization (I18N) and Localization (L10N) for Confluence.

Internationalising your plugin
This document is a guide for developers wanting to provide internationalisation support for their plugins. This means that other people will be able to provide translated strings for the labels and messages in your plugin without you having to recompile your plugin, thereby simplifying the process of localisation.
A project on Bitbucket to get started with deploying own localization bundles.
Document Properties
Properties are metadata that can be added to every projectdoc document. If you require a set of metadata for each instance of a document type, you should write your own doctype.
Document Sections
The main body of a document is divided into sections. Besides the sections defined by a doctype, an author may add any number of additional sections. Sections that are regularly added to a given doctype should be added to the doctype's template.
projectdoc Document
projectdoc is based on projectdoc documents. Creating a projectdoc document is easy: A projectdoc document is a Confluence page using document properties and sections.
Supporting more Locales
The plugin supports more than just EN (as default) and DE. But the Toolbox is limited to these locales.