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A synonym for dynamic linking.
With deep links properties from referenced properties can be accessed for rendering.
Document types have their default location within a documentation space. These default locations are called 'homepages'. If authors create new documents they can send them to these default locations within a given space. Delegate spaces expand this feature to find the default location in associated spaces.
Delegating documents transclude sections and properties from a delegate document. Information may be overridden.
Document types allow to guide authors producing information of a given type. They also help readers to find the information they are looking for quickly.
A document template that uses query macros enables documents to dynamically render links to a set of related documents. If new documents are added to the system that meet the query criteria, links to these documents are automatically added to the querying document. This feature is also called dynamic lists or automatic linking.
Transclude more than one self-contained snippet and mark transcluded information for authors. The projectdoc toolbox allows multi-transclusion from one document and even several documents.
Never be limited to the vendor's ideas: Create your own spaces, templates/blueprints/doctypes and macros based on components provided by the projectdoc Toolbox!
Do not clutter the view with non-information sections. Instead help authors writing identical structured content by the use of templates.
Via a free extension information from remote information systems may be rendered on a wiki page.
Use the structure from a page and render it in the current page's context.
The projectdoc Toolbox supports rendering a page controlled by request properties. This way a URL controls the contents of a page.
Authors may add any metadata to a document and use these in their queries. The metadata may be displayed or hidden. This way authors can use metadata target at the reader and metadata used for authoring purpose.
The projectdoc Toolbox provides doctypes and macros to support teams to modularize their documentation.
Organize spaces in hierachies with delegate and search spaces.
Properties may be set on space level and are inherited through space hierarchies.
Space and document properties may be used as variables with the projectdoc Toolbox.
To integrate projectdoc documents with remote systems the projectdoc Toolbox provides a REST API. This API is installed separately with a free extension add-on.


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