List of roles involved in establishing technical communication using projectdoc. Your mileage may vary ...

The producer of a resource to be part of the documentation. The resource is typically a document or presentation, but may also be a prodcast or video.
Build Manager
Responsible for project automation.
Confluence Administrator
Responsible for installing, configuring and upgrading the Confluence server.
Documentation Architect
Organizes the documentation for a given project. The architect is responsible to recognize the stakeholders communication needs and create the appropriate infrastructure.
Documentation Gardener
Helps team members to create documentation that is helpful, fosters the understanding of good and sustainable documentation and keeps the project's documentation up-to-date and clean.
Maven Plugin Developer
Responsible for creating plugins for the build process.
projectdoc Developer
Develops the add-on or software for the add-on. This may also include code for blueprint or extension projects that are based on the projectdoc Toolbox.
Recipient of the documentation produced by authors. A reader is any stakeholder of the project, such as product users, developers or managers.
The reviewer supports authors by reviewing their documents. A review may regard form and/or content.
Sponsors provide resources to start and run projects.
Template Author
Template authors create templates to be used by the team.


  • Cache Refresh Actions - projectdoc documents are stored in caches for quick access. Users may want to clear one of these caches.