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Mission, vision, strategy for business planning and execution.

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All doctype add-ons are available in English and German language (except for the V-Modell XT add-on for which only German is supported).

For more information on this topic please refer to Localization.

This add-on provides document types to develop and execute a business strategy based on the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence.


The Doctypes for Business Strategy requires the projectdoc Toolbox to be installed. The projectdoc Toolbox has a commercial license and is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Install projectdoc Toolbox
Install Doctypes for Business Strategy!
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Space Blueprint

The add-on provides a blueprint to create a space for business strategy.

The space provides homepages for all doctypes provided by the add-on.

If you already have a space where you would like to add business strategy information, consider to use the Business Strategy Homepage page blueprint to create selected homepages for doctypes to your existing space.

List of Doctypes

The following doctypes help to create and manage business strategies.

# Name Category Short Description
Define a mission for your company or product.

Type-specific category for mission statements.

Defines a strategy for an organization or product.

Type-specific category for strategies.

Work on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Type-specific category for SWOTs.

Define the vision for your organization or product.

Type-specific category for vision statements.

How to use

To use the Business Strategy Doctypes create a new space or use an existing one to add your mission statement, your vision statement, and your strategic considerations.

The mission provides information about

  • why the enterprise or product exists (current position),
  • what the intention of the enterprise or product is.

The vision describes where the enterprise or product is heading to.

The strategy then describes

  • how the qualitative and quantitative goals are achieved and
  • what the obstacles to achieve these goals are.

Use the following steps to add the relevant information to your space:

  1. Define your mission
    Why does your company or product exist? Which public need does it serve? Why do people want to support?
  2. Define your vision
    What will your company or product be like in the future?
  3. Define your long-termed strategy
    Based on your current situation how do you plan to reach your vision?

Your strategy may then be further detailed for shorter term goals by the definition of objectives. This allows you to get focused to follow your broad strategy. The success of meeting your objectives can be made measurable by the use of key results. These additional doctypes are provided by the Doctypes for Objectives and Key Results.


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