Creates links for a project release following naming conventions.

On each release of a project links to the Maven site have to be created, moved and removed. This tool automates this process. At the instance a site for a new version is deployed to a server, this monitoring tools establishes the required links, including the main site link to point to the latest version.

The tool assumes that the site is deployed at a path on the server that includes e.g. the group ID, the artifact ID and the version number of a project. The following links will be created and maintained:

  • A LATEST link to the latest release of the project.
  • A SNAPSHOT link to the latest snapshot release of the project.
  • A link from the root folder to the latest version
  • Links from a version folder to previous versions of the project


Say, for instance, there is a project my-product site on your server

The product is deployed with Maven to


and therefore accessible with

on the web.

Let’s further assume that the project already has releases with Versions 1.0 and 1.1.

The softlink-tool will create softlinks on your server so that the project’s sites are accessible with the following links.

  • – the latest version
  • – the latest version
  • – the latest SNAPSHOT version

The softlink tool can be used as a command line tool to create the links as well as monitor folders to set links after a release accordingly.


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