projectdoc Toolbox

Analyse the impact you can make.

Source Repository
Blueprint Key Prefix

Plan for outcome and impact by mapping the reason (why) and the people (who) to the impact (how) to deliver (what) to your customers.


Main Doctypes

Impact Map

Publish impacts you want to achieve. Share this information with your colleagues.

Impact Map Element Doctypes


Describe how the impact will be pursued.


Describe the (high-level) deliverables (aka outcomes and outputs) required to achieve the impact.


Describe who is involved in the impact. List the stakeholders that will support the impact. There may be stakeholders who will work against it. Also specify the stakeholders taking advantage or taking disadvantage even if they do not have power to influence the outcome.


Describe why this impact is useful for your business. State the problem to be solved.

Type Doctypes

How Type

Type-specific category for hows.

Impact Map Type

Type-specific category for impact maps.

What Type

Type-specific category for whats.

Who Type

Type-specific category for whos.

Why Type

Type-specific category for whys.

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