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Renders an action button to link to a projectdoc document, Confluence page, or external resource.
Render the property value of an ancestor of this document, for the first ancestor that matches the specified document type.
Renders apanel with title and body, layouted with a custom CSS configuration.
Access properties from aspect documents.
Autoconnect to aspect documents.
Access sections from aspect documents.
Renders a code block from an attached file with placeholders replaced by properties.
Renders a drag-and-dropable button for a bookmarklet.
Marks a piece of content within a document. This content can be referenced for transclusion.
Renders a dynamic link to a projectdoc document in the wiki. A dynamic link is a link to a Confluence page that is identified by the page title and the delegate space closure. The target of the link is calculated at render time. In case the delegate space closure changes, a different document may be the target of the link.
Renders an image with an overlay text.
Renders a static link to a location within the same document. This is a static document link macro with a specialized interface.
Renders an block or inline element of a page.
Supports page inclusion dependent on the space of the primary page.
Renders the value of a document property from the primary page.
Renders code of attached file, referenced by local property, with placeholders replaced by properties.
Compiles local sections with transcluded content by a reference list.
Renderes an index over the section on a document with intra-page links.
Renders a section, if the body is not empty. Supports authors to create content, clutter-free rendering without empty sections. Allows to transclude the content.
Renders a static link to a projectdoc document in the wiki. A static link is a link to a Confluence page that is identified by its space key and document title.
Similar to the original Tasks Report Macro provided by Confluence, but allows to select on document with a Where clause.

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