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Integrates the Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems) into a Maven build process. This allows to export diagrams to be used for documentation in other tools, such as projectdoc.

More on documentation?

This project is documented with projectdoc. projectdoc is available for Confluence.



This plugin generates diagrams from your Enterprise Architect's model from your Maven build process.

There are basically to kinds of exports from your Enterprise Architect model provided by this plugin:

  1. Export XMI Packages as Image Files
  2. Export HTML Site

Both exports are configured in your Maven POM.



Please note that you need a local installation of the Enterprise Architect, running a 32bit Java VM with the Enterprise Architect Windows DLL on the library path. For information on how to configure your environment, please refer to Connect to the Interface at Sparx Systems.


You may use the alias-maven-plugin to configure your environment.

The project will generate reports about the options and also provides means to print the options on the command-line. This is helpful if you want to share the configuration with your team easily. Here is a sample report. You are free to create your own configurations based on our config-smartics-alias project.

Typing "ea" into your console will automatically add a 32bit Java to your path and configure the library path. Please refer to the documentation for this alias.

Project Blog

The following posts provide more information about this plugin on our blog.

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