Welcome to projectdoc Demo Space!

This is a space created with the projectdoc space blueprint. No pages have been added. Only this introduction text you currently read is not generated.

This space contains links to all homepages of document types provided by projectdoc core. Notice that homepages that do not yet contain documents have a transparent link. This makes it easier for the team to identify the homepages with content quickly.

Also note that there are no types defined per default. Each team may define their own type. Some types are commonly used, such as types for topics. For this we provide prototypes you may use to get started: projectdoc Prototypes (en).

For more information, please visit projectdoc for Atlassian Confluence or jump right to projectdoc Toolbox, the first version of the addon for Confluence.

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Document Type

A document type defines the properties and sections of a document. projectdoc provides page templates for each document type.

The short form of document type is doctype.


Also called a document instance. This is a document that is based on a document type. Each projectdoc document is based on such a type.

You create documents as pages in your wiki with templates.

A template is the implementation of a document type in Confluence.
A page within the wiki that is based on a document type is called a projectdoc document.


Blog stream

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