projectdoc Toolbox

Add-on to extend the Toolkit with Bookmarklets. Allows to execute tools via the browser.

projectdoc Toolbox


Bookmarklets extend the browser with additional functions. The projectdoc Toolbox takes advantage of this technology to support teams to develop their own menus with projectdoc shortcuts. This way the projectdoc add-ons do no longer need to add menu entries to the Confluence menus. The bookmarklet examples provided with this add-on are only working if the freely available Web API Extension is additionally installed.


List of doctypes provided by this extension.

Bookmarklet Editor
The bookmarklets editor is a simple page that allows teams to create their bookmarklets more easily. It also provides access to some standard bookmarklets provided for the projectdoc Toolbox.


List of macros provided by this extension.

Name Since Short Description Hidden?
Renders a drag-and-dropable button for a bookmarklet.
Tool to create bookmarklets using the REST API.
List of bookmarklets provided by the projectdoc Toolbox.

Hidden macros are added to doctypes by template authors and are typically not used by page authors. Use the page blueprint Bookmarklet Editor to make them available for teams.

Organizing Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are organized in web browsers as bookmarks. Services users run more often can be compiled individually.

Create a bookmarklet for each service you run often. Use the toolbar of your browser to create your individual menus.


It is convenient to change the icon of the bookmarklet. This makes working with menus a little faster and more fun.

Browser may support changing bookmark icons, possibly by using a third-party add-on.


For more information on bookmarklets and the projectdoc Toolbox, please visit the following resources.

Being a Pretender
Authors occasionally need to have a look at a page as if they where in the role of a reader. The pretend-being-a user space property supports switching roles. With the use of the Web API Extension and the Bookmarklets Extension switching roles is now really easy!
Web API Extension
Add-on to extend projectdoc with an API to access on the web.
projectdoc Bulk Changes to Documents
The Web API Extension for the projectdoc Toolbox can be employed to make bulk changes to documents. Since there is no safety net, these actions need to be take with care. This tip introduces a way to conduct this task.