Get started with the projectdoc Toolbox: learning by doing

A hands-on tutorial that walks you though the first steps using the projectdoc Toolbox for your team communication. This guide helps you to initialize spaces to use projectdoc effectively. It will also point to further readings to delve deeper into the topics covered by this tutorial.


Please note that this tutorial assumes expert knowledge using Confluence (for instance create spaces, create and edit pages, using the editor, editing tables, and using macros)!

The Confluence Server documentation by Atlassian provides a user manual that covers these topics.

The tip Think big, start small may also be helpful to get started.

Tutorial Tour

Create an Index Space
Create an index space to learn what it is and what it is used for.
Create an Attachment Space
Organized information of a context, such as a glossary or an address book, in a dedicated space. These spaces are called attachment spaces.
Create a Personal Space
Adjust your Confluence personal space to work as a personal space for projectdoc.
Create a Workspace
Create a space to work on a given topic. This spaces uses an index space to reuse content.
Doctypes in Detail
Learn about properties and sections of a document.
The Workhorse Macros
Learn about the central most heavily used macros of your projectdoc Toolbox.
Organize your spaces with generic and specialized categories.
What's next?
Checkout further resources on working with projectdoc.

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Be prepared!

Please install the following add-ons to run this hands-on tutorial:

You need privileges to

  • Create a personal space
  • Create new spaces