Free project with 3-5 doctypes / blueprints!

To get your project started with projectdoc we offer to create a doctype add-on based on the projectdoc Toolbox for you and your team for free!

What you get

The doctype add-on project will be based on Doctype Maven Plugin licensed as Apache License 2.0 and made available on Bitbucket.

A deployable add-on (OBR/JAR) will be provided per public download URL.

How will the Project look like?


projectdoc Project Management Model is an example on Bitbucket for a doctype add-on we provide for project management.

The sample doctype add-on provides a single space blueprint and the following five doctypes / blueprints.

  1. Alternatives
  2. Decisions
  3. Minutes
  4. Open Issues
  5. Release Notes

Have a look at our Bitbucket project Add-ons for the projectdoc Toolbox for more and more complex examples.

Once your starter kit has been created, we assume that you fork the project and continue to adjust it to your evolving requirements on your own. Due to the license this development is not required to be open source!

Requirements to apply

To apply for this offer you need

  1. a valid commercial license for the projectdoc Toolbox
  2. to have attended a 1:1 Chat (where we can discuss your requirements)
  3. provide a specification
    1. for your add-on
    2. for your space (1)
    3. for your doctypes/blueprints (max. 5)

The requests will be executed on a first-come/first-serve basis, maximum 3 per month. You'll receive a notice once your request has been selected for further processing.


How to create your Information Model
A short introduction on how to create an information model for you documentation / communication requirements.
Doctype Add-on Specification
A simple specification for a basic doctype add-on for the projectdoc Toolbox.