This space provides prototype documents to be imported into projectdoc spaces within Confluence wikis.

Teams may reuse predefined types for resources, topics, or modules. This helps them to get started quickly without being bogged down with writing project unspecific information. So these prototypes may help you creating your project documentation with relevant information.

How to Use
  1. Copy this content into a space in your wiki.
  2. Select the types you want to use in your documentation.
  3. Copy the selected type documents (aka prototypes) to the according type home page in either your delegate space or your directly project space.
  4. Adjust the type documents according to your needs.

The projectdoc Toolbox is an extension to Atlassian Confluence supporting agile software development teams to create process, project, system, and product documentation.

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Prototypes for the following types are provided:

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  • FAQs - questions and answers.
  • Resources - library of referenced resources.