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Generates an archive of modules to be copied to an JBoss 7 installation. The configuration is generated from the Maven POM with the help of a collection of generic and project-specific mapping rules.


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version 2.1.5

Project is currently dormant


Please note that this project is currently considered dormant.

At this time we cannot tell when or if we will continue to provide new features or fix issues.



This Maven plugin creates an archive with JBoss modules to be installed to a JBoss 7 server installation.

Crafting the modules by hand is more cumbersome than to define a recipe that allows to construct the modules folder with all dependencies already defined by a Maven POM.

Please refer to

  • Usage Modules - describes the basic use cases with the plugin.
  • Modules XSD - describes the structure of the modules descriptor XML.
  • Import Module Descriptors - describes how to import standard descriptors to prohibit copy-and-paste of standard mappings.
  • Project Types - describes how to deal with project types BOM, Non-POM, and multi-module POM.
  • Usage Jandex - describes how to create the annotation index.
  • Usage Index - describes how to create the index file in META-INF/INDEX.LIST.

for details on how to use this plugin.

In Goals you'll find a short description of the goals and its parameters.

Compatibility Matrix

Please note that this plugin only supports Maven from 3.2.5 and up due to incompatibilities to the Aether implementation used by Maven.

Plugin VersionMaven VersionNotes
2.x3.2.5+Please refer to Bug 931 for details.
1.x3.1.xPlease refer to Bug 843 for details.
0.x3.0.xIf you are looking for support for Maven 3.0.x, please refer to versions 0.x of this plugin.

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