Open source plugins for Maven.

We heavily use Maven for the automation of build processes.

In the past years we created a number of plugins we make available for the community under open source licenses.

Maven Plugins

The list of plugins for Maven created by smartics.

Creates alias scripts from a configurations file. This allows a team to share aliases that are useful to make working with a command shell more productive. There is a report to generate a documentation for the shortcuts on your team server.
Administrates products on a Bugzilla server remotely. The information found in a project’s pom.xml is passed to the Bugzilla server. This lessens the burden of entering the project's information manually to the Bugzilla forms and makes it easy to update version numbers after a release.
Generates build metadata and provides it as Maven build properties. The properties are written to a properties file that can be included in the generated artifact. The information can also be added to the manifest file.
Integrates the Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems) into a Maven build process. This allows to export diagrams to be used for documentation in other tools, such as projectdoc.
Generates reports on exceptions codes of a project that uses smartics exceptions.
Provides a very simple way of generating DDL scripts from a JPA unit. It is therefore a very limited version of the hibernate3-maven-plugin.
Generates reports on issues retrieved from an issue management system. Currently only Bugzilla is supported.
Allows to read project files in one encoding and write it to a destination in another encoding.
Visualizes the frequency of use of words within a given set of texts. Usually they are used to give the visitor of a web site an impression of what the web site is about.


The list of plugins for Maven created by smartics, currently still in the incubator and therefore deemed experimental.

Provides a simple report generator containing the output of the Javadoc tool. On the one hand this allows to pinpoint problems in the Javadoc documentation to resolve. On the other hand it gives a report on the quality of the Javadoc comments of a project.
Deploys Hudson job configuration files to a running Hudson server.
Generates reports on properties of a project that uses smartics properties.
Provides tools to generate documentation from tests. Currently the tools concentrate on making the story behind tests visible. They use the tests to generate a documentation from executable code. Since the test code itself is documentation, we talk about executable documentation.