The JBoss Modules Maven Plugin, a plugin for Maven, has been released with version 2.0.0. Due to API changes in the Aether library, from Maven 3.2.5 on, you have to switch to this new version

The versions 0.x continue to support Maven 3.0.x, version 1.x will require Maven 3.1.x, and version 2.x will support Maven 3.2.5+.

The issue (Bug 931) has been identified and patched by Sandra Kosmalla. Many thanks for her support!!


The links above directs you to the currently released version of today. As time goes by, new versions of this software will be released. The versioned sites will still be available to provide you with the documentation for the version of the software you are actually using.

For each project there is a link that will always point to the homepage of the latest released version.





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