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Tools to manage apps on a Confluence server remotely via the UPM REST API based on Maven.


version 0.11.2


This is a plugin for Maven to interface with Universal Plugin Manager's (UPM) REST API to deploy apps to a remote Confluence server.

Ready for Action Check


Please note that the client will check if the plugin on the Confluence server is enabled. Unfortunately this does not imply that the installation process has finished.

Therefore you would have to wait or to check the UI of Confluence to confirm that the deployed plugin is ready for action.

We are working on this issue ... any feedback is welcome! (smile)

The following Mojos are provided by this plugin:

Check if there are newer versions of apps than those specified in the configuration.
Check which apps are deployed on the Confluence server.
Deploy apps to the Confluence server.
Enable apps on the Confluence server.
Display help information on apptools-maven-plugin.
Call mvn apptools:help -Ddetail=true -Dgoal=<goal-name> to display parameter details.
List information on the locally stored artifacts.
Remove deployed apps from the Confluence server.
Display usage information on apptools-maven-plugin.

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