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Provides doctypes to organize the developer's work by the employment of a diary. Take you personal planning and professional records to the next level!


The Doctypes for Developer Diaries help software developers to plan their working days and weeks besides the work they do with their team.

A diary is typically created in the developer's personal space. The diary is organized in years and days. Once per week the developer may run a personal retrospective.

After you created you diary on a page within a space, add a page for a single year. You may add some strategic plans on this page. For every day of your working life, add a new page. On this page you'll add notes on what you did and especially why you did it and your results and insights.

At the end of each day, you may run a retrospective to find things that run well (and therefore should be repeated) and things that run wild (and therefore should be considered as possibility for improvement.

After a work week you may run a retrospective for this week.


Please note that every information you add to the diary is optional. This is not meant as a collection of forms to be filled out and passed to your boss.

Instead, this is a personal diary where you note valuable information you want to refer to later:

  • Found some interesting information about a subject? Paste some links and add some notes so that you can come back later and continue!
  • Lost in day-to-day work and lost the whole picture? Try to plan the important topics of your week and then check at the end how far you have come. Try to investigate the problems you have encountered to get your things done. Find a solution: ask yourself, your team members, your agile master!
  • Value your work and get a tool to help you be more business focussed. Make your achievements visible to yourself and let your team mates benefit from you insights and results!

The developer diary is for developers. If you are looking for a basic structure for your team space, please refer to Doctypes for Agile Planning.



Install Developer Diary for projectdoc!

Get started with your developer diary:

Create a Diary in a Personal Space!

Install additional Doctypes!

Here is an example how the page for a diary year looks like:

To get started with your developer diary quickly, please refer to Create a Diary in a Personal Space!

List of Doctypes for Software Development

The following doctypes help to run your developer diary.

# Name Short Description Categories
Describe your vision for one year. You plan will help you stay focussed to accomplish your goals.
Explain an asset of your work. Add this document to a day in your diary.
A brief solution to a problem.
Categories for cheats.
Document the events and insights gained on your working day. This will free your mind from answering adhoc the recurring question of "Where should I add this piece of information?". The diary simply stores information to refine and add it to permanent documentation for later use.
The homepage of a developer''s daily diary pages. Consider to add your diary to your personal space!
Associated an event with a day. A event is a collection of associated information for your later reference. Information may further be organized by subject, tags, categories, and audience.
Take a note on something that has to be done. This is a piece of paper you usually would pin on your monitor. For complex todos consider using an issue tracking system.
Describe your vision to focus to get it become real.
Document the events and insights gained in your working week. Use it to plan your week and at the end, run a personal retrospective.
The developer''s year document is the homepage for the individual days with the diary.

Related Macros

The following macros are provided by this add-on.

Day Rating
Allows a user to select a rating for a day.

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