The index provides definitions of global types used for projectdoc documentation spaces within the smartics wiki.

projectdoc is available for Atlassian Confluence: The projectdoc Toolbox for Atlassian Confluence.


If you are looking for prototypes to be used in your installation of projectdoc, please refer to projectdoc Prototypes. There you will find prototypes to use and adapt to your requirements.


Overview over types defined for document types.

Architecture Decision Types
Architecture Decision types defined by the project.
Cheat Types
List of central cheat types.
Levels of Experience
Experience levels types defined by the project.
Module Types
Module types defined by the project.
Requirement Types
Technical dept types defined for the project.
Resource Types
Resource types defined by the project.
Space Index Types
List of central space index types.
Tag Types
List of central tag types.
Topic Types
Topic types defined by the project.
View Types
View types defined by the project.


List of central categories.

/ projectdoc
Information related to projectdoc. Concepts, Toolbox, doctype add-ons, and extensions.
/ Support
Everything supporting our customers.


List of central tags.

Marks an information to belong to a type of artifact.
Tags concerned with collecting feedback from users.
A document used as a reference of information. This tag may be used for document types other than Topic (there is a topic type 'Reference').