A set of Confluence spaces showing projectdoc in action.

One of projectdoc principles is to add information to a new page and get navigation for free. So instead of creating a page and then adding links on related pages to that new page, the new page is create with metadata and dynamic lists are adding the new page if it matches their query constraints.

The following show cases are examples for use cases of the projectdoc toolbox.

Show Case Index Space
Index space for show cases.
Show Case Address Book
Show case with a sample of organizations and persons.
Show Case Library
Show case listing resources, including books, articles, and websites.
Show Case Glossary
A show case for a glossary using the projectdoc Toolbox.
Foobar Gadget Generation X
Show case for a product team space with the projectdoc Toolbox.
Learning Center
Show case for tracking team member skills and certification.

The following short tutorials provide information on features of the show case spaces.

Tutorial Short Description Show Case Space
Index spaces provide basic configuration via space properties and homepages for commonly used document types.
Organize information about persons and organizations.
A library space holds resources in a separate repository.
Attachment space for defining or describing terms of one or more domains.
A sample space for the collaboration of an agile team.
A sample space for tracking skills of members of an organization.


Demonstration Spaces

A list of demo spaces built with the projectdoc Toolbox.

projectdoc Demonstration Space
The demonstration space of projectdoc features. Create this space in your Confluence instance using a space blueprint 'projectdoc Demonstration Space'.
HTML Sanity Checker Architecture Documentation
An example of an software architecture documentation based on the arc42 Template on Confluence 5 with projectdoc and the projectdoc Add-on for arc42.
projectdoc New Space Demo
Get an impression on how the agile documentation space looks like!
Projects using the projectdoc Toolbox
Lists projects that use the projectdoc Toolbox for their documentation. We include real projects as well as interesting examples.

More Details

More information about the projectdoc Toolbox.

projectdoc Introduction
A short introduction into the concepts and features of the projectdoc Toolbox.
Using Spaces
A short introduction on using spaces with the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence.
Agile Documentation
A document is considered to follow the agile principle if it is valuable, essential, and created or updated just-in-time. A documentation is created and maintained in an agile way, if all its documents follow this practice.
Use Cases
An overview over the use cases for which the projectdoc Toolbox provides support.
Hands-on Tutorial
Get started with the projectdoc Toolbox: learning by doing