projectdoc Toolbox

Provides doctypes for documenting decisions, risks, open issues, and meeting minutes.

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All doctype add-ons are available in English and German language (except for the V-Modell XT add-on for which only German is supported).

For more information on this topic please refer to Localization.

It is probably a good idea to reduce the amount of documents nobody is really interesting it to a number close to zero. Usually documents of type minutes and decisions fall into this despised category. But meetings may have an interesting outcome, decisions may be documented to help team members understand why certain options have been taken and why alternatives were rejected.

For these cases the project management set of doctypes provides blueprints.


The Doctypes for Project Management requires the projectdoc Toolbox to be installed. The projectdoc Toolbox has a commercial license.

The add-on also uses blueprints from the Core Doctypes for projectdoc (like Role or Stakeholder). This add-on is available on the Atlassian Marketplace for free.

Please install the following add-ons on your Atlassian Confluence server:

1. Install projectdoc Toolbox

List of Doctypes

The following doctypes provide templates for project management.

# Name Short Description
This documents a possible option for a decision. Choose this document type to describe the alternative for a decision in more detail. This is typically a subpage of a decision document.
Group your alternatives by a self-defined type.
Document a decision for an option. This is useful to state the reasons and the options that have been evaluated. Later other team members will have it easier to understand the decision.
Group your decisions by a self-defined type.
Record the action items of a meeting.
Group your minutes by a self-defined type.
Open issues document what the team needs to know to proceed.
Open issues are grouped by the severity of their impact on the project.
Open issues are grouped by the status.
Group your open issues by a self-defined type.
Document changes provided by a release of a product.
Group your release notes by a self-defined type.
Reports document what the team has decided or done. This is a generic document.
Group your reports by a self-defined type.

List of Macros

The following macros are provided by the add-on.

# Name Short Description
Allows to select a severity for an open issue.
Allows to select a status for an open issue.


Doctypes define properties and sections for documents. They are essentially Confluence Blueprints that help to create pages in your wiki based on templates.
Doctypes Overview
List of all doctypes provided by add-ons. Provides an overview over doctype IDs and blueprint keys.
Project Management
Make all decisions, issues, and project relevant resources easily accessible for your team. This includes meeting minutes, stakeholder contact information, open issues, and identified risks with their mitigation strategy.
Doctypes for V-Modell®XT
Use products (templates) from the V-Modell®XT in your Confluence wiki as blueprints!
Doctypes for Agile Planning
Provides doctypes to collborate with your team. Run iterations and record discoveries that may be of interest at the end of the iteration or for even later reference. Quick notes are more easily added as records to the team's space than to the official documentation tree. Defer the talk to the documentation architect to the end of the iteration (if the discovery is still of interest).
Doctypes for Risk Management
Provides doctypes for documenting and tracking risks.
List of macros provided by the projectdoc Toolbox.