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State assumptions and hypotheses to run your experiments. Document your output and plan for outcome and impact.

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Main Doctypes


Assumptions document what you think about your product, customers, and partners. Once you start identifying assumptions, it will become clearer what other beliefs you hold about how you plan to build, design, distribute, and create value with your product. Making assumptions explicit allows to publish them and discuss them with other stakeholders.


Write your problem hypothesis. This is the hypothesis that you will either validate or (probably) come back and revise.


Publish an impact you want to achieve. Share this information with your colleagues.


Products used by customers intend to make a change. This change is called outcome.


The output is the artifact created to be employed by user for a specific outcome and - on the long run - may make an impact.

Type Doctypes

Assumption Resolution

Assumptions can be resolved in different ways. Define what each resolution implies.

Assumption Resolution Type

Type-specific category for assumption resolutions.

Assumption Type

Type-specific category for assumptions.

Hypothesis Status

Type-specific category for hypotheses based on status.

Hypothesis Status Type

Type-specific category for hypothesis status.

Hypothesis Type

Type-specific category for hypotheses.

Impact Type

Type-specific category for impacts.

Outcome Type

Type-specific category for outcomes.

Output Type

Type-specific category for outputs.

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