Free Macros for Atlassian Confluence

Provides macros to support teams in writing project documentation with their Confluence wiki.

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The list of macros provided by this add-on.

Name Short Description Category
Renders term and definition information as a definition list. Currently Conflucene does not easily support authors to write definition lists. But definition lists allow to render this form of information efficiently.
Hides a text fragment from an anonymous user.
Confluence Content
Hides a text fragment from a user that has no edit permissions.
Confluence Content
Renders a section, if the body is not empty. Supports authors to create content, clutter-free rendering without empty sections.
Transclusion / Marker


Definition List Macro in Action
Screencast to show how the Definition List Macro is used to create definition lists in Confluence.
projectdoc Introduction
A short introduction into the concepts and features of the projectdoc Toolbox.

How do projectdoc features support the macros?

  1. The Definition List Macro that is part of projectdoc can be configured on a space level so that the configuration options do not have to be edited on macro level every time the macro is used. projectdoc provides means to define space wide properties that are even propagated to other spaces. So in a hierarchy of spaces, the configuration of all definition lists is in one place.
  2. The Transclusion Macro uses the Section Macro to transclude content. The Transclusion Macro is not part of the free macros.

If you are using projectdoc, these macros are already installed on your Confluence wiki.

If you start using projectdoc, please follow the upgrade instructions.

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What is projectdoc?

projectdoc is an extension to Atlassian Confluence to create technical documentation for agile software development teams.

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