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Name Short Description Parent
An in-depth publication of information on a given topic.
Introduction information to get started with Userscripts for Confluence.
A short, straight-to-the-point set of instructions to accomplish a specific task.
Provides reference information for users of the projectdoc Toolbox.
A view on a given topic at an instance of time. May be relevant for management, compliance or documentation for later reference.
A short information with reference(s) to further information. A shot is a tip or trick, a remarkable observation to be shared with others.
A short information used for tips of the day. It supports users to investigate unused features of a product.
Provides a tour through a collection of articles with a given question and specific audience.
Description of a problem and a solution or workaround.
A problem-centric introduction to a given problem. It is a learning tool to transfer knowledge. Usually provides references for further information to investigate related topics in greater detail.
A comprehensive, often authoritative collection of information.

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