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Software development geek by nature.
Marketing pro at Foobar Inc.
Head of business affairs and co-founder of Foobar Inc.
Jorge Arango makes information easier to find and understand. He has been “making the complex clear” for people in all types of organizations—from developing world non-profits to Fortune 500 corporations—for over twenty years.
Lou Rosenfeld wears two hats: he consults on information architecture strategy, and manages Rosenfeld Media, which publishes user experience books and provides UX training and consulting.
Peter is a pioneer of the fields of information architecture and user experience. His bestselling books include Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Intertwingled, Search Patterns, and Ambient Findability. He advises such clients as AT&T, Cisco, Harvard, IBM, Macy’s, Vodafone, the Library of Congress, and the National Cancer Institute. He has delivered conference keynotes and workshops in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. His work has been covered by Business Week, NPR, The Economist, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. Peter lives in Ann Arbor with his wife, two daughters, and a dog named Knowsy.

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