projectdoc Toolbox

List of spaces to delegate documents on creation to. Also works as a search space for upstream spaces.

Data Type
list of space keys
Default Value

This property allows to specify a list of spaces to delegate documents to on creation. This also works as a search space for upstream spaces.


Delegate spaces are not allowed to specify @all, @self, !, or #. Only search spaces have these options. Delegate spaces have to be a positive, ordered list of space keys.

To remove default delegation, use #SELF as delegate space.

The Name List Macro uses the delegate spaces to create links to documents.


Make sure that there are no HTML tags or entities (like non-breaking-spaces,  ) in the list of space keys. The parsing is very strict and will take each token literally.

Since 4.5


Since version 4.5 of the projectdoc Toolbox use projectdoc.delegate-space-closure for reading access.


Spaces Introduction
Provides a gentle introduction to the concept of spaces using projectdoc.
Using Spaces
A short introduction on using spaces with the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence.
Space Hierarchies
Short introduction to hierarchies of spaces with the projectdoc Toolbox.
Search Space
List of spaces to include in downstream searches. Use @all to refer to all spaces.
Use Delegate Space as Search Space
Controls, if the delegate space should be used as a search space in case that no search space is explicitly specified.
Display Space Properties
Displays the space properties of the projectdoc document's space currently shown in the browser.