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projectdoc is based on projectdoc documents. Creating a projectdoc document is easy: A projectdoc document is a Confluence page using document properties and sections.

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5 minutes


Create Documents

projectdoc is about document properties and document sections.

To define a document add document properties with the Document Properties Marker Macro and document sections with the Section Macro.

There are properties and sections that are available for all document types created by smartics.


projectdoc documents are usually defined as page blueprints by the Template Author.

Page Authors select the type of document that suits their requirements and simply add content. If they add new sections they are encouraged to use the Section Macro. But if the content is not meant to be transcluded, authors may decide to use simple HTML headers.

The document type supports authors in writing documents of a given kind. Due to the nature of the templates, readers only see those properties and sections which have meaningful information.

This we call "Guided Writing & clutter-free Reading".



What is Transclusion?

Transclusion is the inclusion of a document or part of a document into another document by reference.

B is transcluded in the document A.

What is Single Sourcing?
To single source is to allow the same content to be used in different documents or in various formats. Wikipedia

Select Documents

With properties and sections defined in a document, authors may employ the autolist feature (e.g. the Display Table Macro) to select and list documents.

Select documents by their properties and display properties and sections of the selected documents.

Transclude Sections and Properties

Modular documentation supports reuse and collaboration for your team.

Transclusion of information (i.e. include information from another page) supports single-sourcing (i.e. have information in one and only one place).

Use the Transclusion Macro or the Transclude Documents Macro to transclude sections and the display property macros (e.g. Display Document Property Macro or Display Document Properties Macro) to transclude property values.

A document transcludes information (properties, sections, and page fragments) from other documents.


The following resources provide information to get started with projectdoc.

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