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Tools to provide or consume content to support reuse.

Transclusion is the technique to render parts of one document within another document.

The inclusion of part of one hypertext document in another one by means of reference rather than copying.

Wiktionary. transclusion

The projectdoc Toolbox provides macros to define content within a document to be transcluded (by the use of the Section Macro and the Content Marker Macro) and macros to transclude this content into a document (for instance Transclusion Macro and Transclude Documents Macro).

Excerpt and multi-excerpt


Users of Confluence know transclusion support by the Excerpt Macro and the Excerpt Include Macro. The article Excerpt and Transclusion compares the features of the native Confluence macros with those of the projectdoc Toolbox.

Checkout Compare with built-in Features to learn more about the differences between built-in features of Confluence and features of the projectdoc Toolbox.

Note that the projectdoc Toolbox makes it easy to list documents that transclude from a document (see Module) and there are tools for authors (see Transclusion Box) to make jumping to transcluded content very easy.


The following documents provide information on transclusion.

Name Short Description Doctype
Explains the differences between and commonalities of the Confluence Excerpt and the projectdoc Toolbox Transclusion features.
Use rich multi-excerpts (transclusion) for content reuse - even from page result lists. Replace parameters in excerpts. Include properties and sections from pages. Hide content dependent on roles and properties.
Agile documentation is not another buzzword. There is actually a set of rules to follow which will lead to meaningful documentation. Writing helpful documentation is not easy, but it gets a lot easier with the agile mindset - and with the projectdoc Toolbox.
Activates the page fragment cache for a space.
Marks a piece of content within a document. This content can be referenced for transclusion.
The projectdoc Toolbox provides a number of features to help teams to reuse content. Content can be transcluded individually or in form of a multitransclude. Authors can even transclude content from multiple documents in the wiki, effectively combining transclusion with automatic lists.
Controls if missing sections should render an error message (false) or just display nothing (true).
Renders an image generated from an Enterprise Architect diagram, transcluded from a server.
Reusing sections typically includes the transcluded content to match the document structure of the transcluding document. The projectdoc Toolbox does this automatically.
A short introduction using the impersonator feature of the projectdoc Toolbox. In this example we examine what to do to reuse a layout defined in another document.
Renders transcluded content fetched from documents of a result set.
List of macros provided by the projectdoc Toolbox.
A documentation module is a fragment which is usually transcluded by other documents. The lifetime of a module document is independent of the lifetimes of the documents that reference it.
The online manual for version 1 of the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence.
Transcludes random content from a document marked with the content marker macro.
Controls the rendering of transclusion boxes.
Compiles local sections with transcluded content by a reference list.
Renders a section, if the body is not empty. Supports authors to create content, clutter-free rendering without empty sections. Allows to transclude the content.
Suppresses transclusions when set to 'true' on a space.
Sets the mode for rendering transcluded content in transclusion suppression mode.
Renders an image transcluded from a remote server.
The Content Marker Macro identifies content that can be displayed using the Display Table Macro. This is a short tip on how to transclude content from a projectdoc document.
Renders transcluded content fetched from documents of a result set.
Shows how to transclude transcluded content.
Controls the format of the date rendered on the transclusion box.
Controls the rendering of dates on the transclusion box.
Transcludes content from a document marked with the content marker macro.
Transcludes content via a reference from a document marked with the content marker macro.
Transcludes content from a document marked with the content marker macro and renders it as plain text.
The projectdoc Toolbox provides a lot of macros to create documentation. It also replaces two macros provided by Confluence. The Excerpt Macro and the Page Properties Macro.
It is easy to list all pages that transclude a section from the current page. This allows you, as an author, to check quickly if changes to a document that is transcluded, needs changes to the transcluding documents.
An overview over features employing placeholders to create a modular documentation.


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A reference is a directed relation to an entity.