Send your questions, feature requests, and feedback to our support team via e-mail or a feedback ticket!


I have a question, a feature request, or feedback about projectdoc (or an other product of smartics). How can I get in contact with the support team?


Just send a support request per e-mail ( →

Moreover there are a couple of options to get in touch.

Direct Feedback

The following feedback opportunities allow you to get in touch with team directly.


You may get in touch with the projectdoc support team via e-mail:

Service Desk

Use the smartics service desk to trigger a number of services.

1:1 Chat Support

If you need to discuss your requirements face-to-face we offer an 1:1 Chat Support. This support is typically about 1 hour and online via chat.

This service is free of charge for potential or new customers.

Doctypes Starter Kit

To get your project started with projectdoc we offer to create a doctype add-on based on the projectdoc Toolbox for you and your team for free!

For more information please visit Doctypes Starter Kit!

Feedback for a Page

You may send your question, feature request, or feedback for information on a page or on projectdoc on this site with the feedback button in the lower right corner of each page.

Clicking the button will open a dialog to provide your feedback:

Public Discussion

If you have questions that may be interesting for other customers as well, please get in touch via a public channel!

Atlassian Community Forum

Please tag your post with the following label so that we get noticed:


Or use the tag that is more easy to recall:



Leave a short note by mentioning us (@smartics) on Twitter.

Stack Overflow

If you do not have an account to post on the Atlassian Community and do not want to create one, you may get in touch via Stack Overflow.

Use the tag 'projectdoc' so that we get noticed.


There is no tag for our open source products that are not running on Atlassian products.

Subordinate FAQs

Creating a Support Zip File
A reference on the information of how to create a support zip file to give a detailed description of the problem context.