projectdoc Toolbox

Support for Confluence 7.12 and Identify Text Passages for technical Texts.

Today we released version 4.12 of the projectdoc Toolbox.

This is a bugfix feature release.

The projectdoc Toolbox is an add-on for Confluence supporting agile software development teams to collaborate on process, project, system, and product documentation. 

Release Notes Overview

New and Noteworthy

Identify Text Passages

For technical documents, such as specifications, it is useful to make text elements inside a section identifiable.

This version allows to render an identifier with the Content Marker Macro by PDAC-1442 - Getting issue details... STATUS , PDAC-1443 - Getting issue details... STATUS , and PDAC-1449 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

The above example shows definitions (Def...) and explanations (Expl...) numbered. The content is explicitly marked with the Content Marker Macro and tagged to be identified as definition or explanation. The numbers are added per position of the content.

For more information please refer to the tips Identify Document Elements and Merge Content.

Debug Mode

Some macros will provide a special debug mode that will render issues inside the page. One use case is to render terms of the glossary in a glossary section. If a term is not already defined, the missing term will be rendered in a box if debug mode is enabled.

For more information please refer to Debug Mode. For this version of the projectdoc Toolbox only the Index Entries Table Macro support this feature.

Installation Instructions

Install the new OBR of the projectdoc Toolbox.

Upgrade Instructions

Please follow this short guide to update to this new version of the projectdoc Toolbox. For detailed information on dependencies, please consult the documentation of the add-ons.

Installation Order

Please install the projectdoc Toolbox first, then the extensions.

So this is the basic order:

  1. projectdoc Toolbox
  2. extension add-ons (start with Web API Extension)

Please install only those add-ons that are actually used! In case you do not use the Web API, there is no need to install it. (smile)

List of Changes

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