projectdoc Toolbox

Auto-Increment feature, improvements and bugfixes.

Today we released version 2.6.1 of the projectdoc Toolbox on the Atlassian Marketplace!

This release provides some new features, improvements of existing features, and fixes a number issues.

The projectdoc Toolbox is an add-on for Confluence supporting agile software development teams to collaborate on process, project, system, and product documentation. 

Release Notes Overview

New and Noteworthy

Auto Increment

The projectdoc Toolbox now provides support to add an automatically incremented identifier to the title of a page. This feature is called Auto Increment.

The identifier is also provided as an artificial property named Auto ID.

The configuration is done at space level via the space property named Doctype Auto ID Pattern. It has to be configured for each doctype individually.

For more information please refer to Auto Increment in Title.

Home and Index Page Flags

Instead of tagging Home Pages and Index Pages, these pages are now flagged. This moves these technical tags out of the view and leaves these for the domain. This is necessary since we do not provide documentation for these markers and tags are typically documented, while flags are not.

The values are now prefixed with 'projectdoc'.

The index page will be flagged with

projectdoc.doctype-index, projectdoc.all, projectdoc.related.doctype.${doctypeId}

The home page will be flagged with

projectdoc.doctype-index, projectdoc.all, projectdoc.related.doctype.${doctypeId}

Please note that existing pages need to be updated accordingly to be found with Lucene.

Upgrade Instructions

Install the new OBR of the projectdoc Toolbox.

Updating the following extensions is required.

Extension Add-on for the projectdoc Toolbox Version

Updating the following doctype add-ons is recommended.

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