projectdoc Toolbox

Allows to configure the rendering of creation links for the Name List Macro (and its cousins).

Data Type
Default Value

The space property controls whether (true) or not (false) the Name List Macro renders a creation link of the referenced document does not exist.

Only properties defined by a doctypes or a templates do support update.



When authors click on the create link rendered by a Name List Macro, a new page is added and the existing document with the link is updated. The update process may take a couple of seconds and requires a doctype model or at least a template. The projectdoc Toolbox requires to know the names of properties and to what types of documents they reference to.

The Name List Macro allows to provide this information by the use of the Doctype and the Property Parameter.

When authors add an ad-hoc property to a document instance, the update process is not supported. In this case the author needs to refresh the existing document manually.

Anonymous Users

Users browsing a space as anonymous see the create links as plain text by the use of a JavaScript executed in their browsers.

For authenticated users there is no special treatment. Even if a user does not have write access to the document rendering the create link and with no write access to any space.

Deactivate Site-wide

To deactivate this feature side-wide, set the system property de.smartics.projectdoc.deactivateDocumentCreation.nameList to true.


Name List Macro
Lists references to projectdoc documents. The rendering will add a link to a document, if there is a document with the given name.
Tag List Macro
Renders a name list while taking care of special tag semantics. Confluence labels are added virtually to this list and displayed in the tags table row of the document properties table.
Role List Macro
Renders a name list while taking care of special role semantics. Confluence names of groups with view permissions are added to the list of values.
Cache Refresh Actions
projectdoc documents are stored in caches for quick access. Users may want to clear one of these caches.