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Screencast to show how the Definition List Macro is used to create definition lists in Confluence.



This screencast shows the Definition List Macro in action.

New users will have an impression how it feels like using the macro to create definition lists in their Confluence wiki.

The screencast shows the following steps:

  1. How to add the macro to a page.
  2. How to add a table for the terms to the macro
  3. How to properly format the table for definition terms and definition data
  4. How to add terms and data to the table
  5. Rendering the table as an HTML definition list

Demo Video

The screencast shows how to create a definition list with the Definition List Macro.

A definition list (HTML tag: dl) contains tuples of definition terms (HTML tag: dt) and definition data (HTML tag: dd).


Please note:

  • Definition terms are put to the table header column (the first column, with a gray background)
  • Definition data is put to the second table column