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Associates information on this add-on with features provided by Piwik.
With custom variables you can track your users' actions in greater detail.
With properties you can override defaults and specify additional marker that get logged for your analytics.
Information related to projectdoc. Concepts, Toolbox, doctype add-ons, and extensions.
Add-ons for Confluence that provide doctypes (blueprints) and associated tools (like macros) based on the projectdoc Toolbox. A version of a doctype add-on typically maps to at least one version of the projectdoc Toolbox.
Extensions are Confluence add-ons that require the projectdoc Toolbox to be installed. A version of an extension typically maps to at least one version of the projectdoc Toolbox.
Add-on to extend the Toolkit with Bookmarklets. Allows to execute tools via the browser.
Add-on to extend the projectdoc Toolbox with tools to access content on remote information systems.
Add-on to extend the projectdoc Toolbox with tools to integrate Maven artifacts.
Add-on to extend the projectdoc Toolbox with a REST API to access projectdoc entities like documents or properties.
The list of projectdoc features at the heart of the projectdoc Toolbox.
Supply additional properties and sections to a document instance by attaching a new document as a child.
Support for users to find valid values for document properties.
Support of converting URLs when pasted into a page.
Readers see rendered information without distractions or decoy texts.
Delegate the definition of properties and sections to a referenced document. A projectdoc document may have one or no delegate document.
Renders contents, including properties and sections, from documents that meet a given query constraint.
Concept to conduct technical communication on Confluence with the projectdoc Toolbox.
Support authors to provide information from their fields off expertise
Render content transcluded from another document in the current document's context.
Sections organize the content of projectdoc documents.
Organized spaces by putting them in search and delegate hierarchies.
Reuse content by rendering fragments from other documents in a document.
Space and document properties may be used as variables with the projectdoc Toolbox.
A component of the projectdoc Toolbox (or one of its add-ons) that is accessible via an HTTP interface.


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