Today we added a new tip on

Identify Document Elements

for the projectdoc Toolbox.

This tip shows how to auto-number content by the use of the Content Marker Macro.

What is projectdoc?

The projectdoc Toolbox is a collection of a large number of tools to help teams to create modular, agile documentation collaboratively and with fun. The toolbox is an add-on for Confluence and is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

The tools in the projectdoc Toolbox consist basically of macros, doctypes, and a handful of conventions. The number of these tools is overwhelming, especially for new users.

One Tip at a Time

Learning a new tool is not easy because users need to get their tasks done. Learning a new tool takes time, time that is not available.

Learning by tips - one tip at a time

Users learn some interesting aspects of projectdoc by reading one tip at a time. The tips show aspects of projectdoc and link to resources to learn more about a specific top - just in case.

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