We are happy to hear and to share that Red Hat has released version 1.5.0 of their fork of the Buildmetata Maven Plugin!


The team at Red Hat managed to fix a couple of issues, improved the integration tests and further enhanced the SCM support. So their version of the Buildmetadata Maven Plugin is currently the most stable to be found on the planet!

The sources are available from the project's homepage at GitHub. Binaries can be downloaded via repository.jboss.org, Maven Central and Brew (the build system used internally by Red Hat).

And if you want to have a bigger picture of the work of the Red Hat team according to Kojak (which is Koji in a box and where the buildmetadata-maven-plugin plays only a minor role): Have a look at

Salim Badakhchani's talk: Kojak - Building software the Red Hat way!

The talk has been recorded at foocafe.

Just in case your are wondering: smartics of course continues the support of our version of the plugin. We plan to merge the improvements of the team at Red Hat into our stream of development soon (which reads: hopefully by the end of this year :) - since we are currently working eagerly to push out the first version of our new projecdoc Add-on for Confluence!).


The collaboration continues! :)