Today we updated the documentation for or Display Table Macro and Display List Macro! These macros are part of projectdoc addon for Confluence.

Both macros allow to select on projectdoc documents within the Confluence wiki, using a Lucene search syntax. The Display Table Macro renders the properties and sections of a document as columns. The Display List Macro is a simplified version bound to the task of rendering document names and optionally short descriptions as definition lists, unnumbered, or numbered lists.

You specify queries like this:

SELECT PropertyOne, PropertyTwo, PropertyFour
WHERE PropertyOne = "Some String" AND 
        (PropertyTwo = "Another String" OR PropertyFive = "Something")
SORT BY PropertyOne, PropertyThree

Note that this is pseudo syntax. The values for SELECT, WHERE and SORT BY are passed to the macros as parameters.


Here are some screenshots to give you a visual impression:

You may have a look at the updated Prezi presentation: projectdoc Macros. This presentation is a brief overview over the macros provided by projectdoc.





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