Today we uploaded the latest version of the Project Documentation Macros for Confluence to the Atlassian Marketplace.

This release, version 1.0.1, fixes some minor issues with the rendering of definition lists.

What is this all about?
Our free macros support agile teams creating and maintaining their project documentation.

Included are the Definition List Macro to render tables as compact definition lists (especially useful for glossaries) and the Hide From Anonymous User Macro to hide page areas from being displayed to anonymous users.

So here are the changes:

  1. The tabular style was broken. Text following the definition list has been rendered to the right instead of below.
  2. Improvement: Users demanded a simple layout version for definitions lists that is now the default. If you liked the Meet style, you have to configure it with the macro (or configure it with your CSS as shown in our blog article Changing Styles for Definition Lists in Confluence).
  3. We now render a help message, if the body of the definition list macro is empty. This may help users to enter the correct structure more easily.

Please refer to the Release Notes for a detailed list of changes.

The free plugin is available via the Atlassian Marketplace: Project Documentation Macros.

The homepage of the plugin provides additional help to get you started.

Have fun!





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