Today I used some simple aliases a colleague of mine added to the set of aliases of our project with the Alias Maven Plugin. Although the shortcuts seemed rather simple and negligible at first glance


instead of

mvn -T 4 release:prepare

they proofed astonishing useful. I was even so bold to run


instead of

mvn -T 4 release:prepare release:perform

For those of you who are not familiar with our alias plugin who may ask: "But how should I remember all those aliases?": Simply type


in your console.

 --- project-release
 r   = mvn -T 4 release:prepare release:perform [args]
 rpr = mvn -T 4 release:prepare [args]
 rpe = mvn -T 4 release:perform [args]
 rc  = mvn release:rollback [args]
 rc  = mvn release:clean [args]

The Alias Maven Plugin allows to specify aliases with their documentation as an XML file and generate alias scripts to various (two actually ;-): windows and bash) platforms.

You can find this configuration (with some other aliases) at config-smartics-alias.

Have a look and tell us, what you think -- if you like!





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