Today we released version 3.0.1 of the projectdoc Toolbox for Confluence!

projectdoc supports agile teams creating and maintaining project documentation. It provides templates and tools to improve the collaboration of team members.

This release provides new features, improvements for existing features and bugfixes.

For more information, please refer to the release notes.


  • [PDAC-1030] - Do not render empty Sections for Transclude Documents
  • [PDAC-1012] - Page Fragments Cache fails on Adding Document Title as Heading
  • [PDAC-1013] - Allow Boxes for Add-hoc Types when Space is specified
  • [PDAC-1014] - Heading Level Adjustment in Multitransclusion broken
  • [PDAC-1016] - Reset all Heading Counters
  • [PDAC-1020] - Remove unused No Hits related Parameters from Name Body List Macro
  • [PDAC-1022] - Suppress Mode for Section Numbering broken
  • [PDAC-1024] - Fragment Cache and Heading Numbers
  • [PDAC-1025] - Parameter Override Document Properties Marker Macro
  • [PDAC-1026] - Attached Properties show Warning

New Feature

  • [PDAC-1010] - Provide Admin Access to Page Fragments Cache
  • [PDAC-1017] - Hierarchical Heading Number Start
  • [PDAC-1018] - Remove Number Start Parameter from Section Macro
  • [PDAC-1019] - Add Alternative Text for No Hits
  • [PDAC-1021] - No Content Text for Section Macro
  • [PDAC-1023] - Control Heading Numbering for Document Title
  • [PDAC-1027] - Render Origin Locator in HTML
  • [PDAC-1028] - Localize Links in transcluded Content
  • [PDAC-1029] - Anchor Compatibility with Scroll Products






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