Release Notes - projectdoc Toolbox - Version 1.3.0 - HTML format


  • [PDAC-319] - Refreshing with Page Tree Action fails
  • [PDAC-320] - Display Table Macro fails to select on undocumented Tags
  • [PDAC-321] - Display Table Macro Search String Syntax Error is displayed as Invalid Query
  • [PDAC-322] - Space Property 'search-space' is not used by Name List Macro
  • [PDAC-323] - Lucene Index should only create Cache if not present
  • [PDAC-326] - Fix Documentation URLs for Selection Macros
  • [PDAC-329] - Doctypes are rendered in tables with wrong background.
  • [PDAC-330] - Documentation URL for sections are not cached

New Feature

  • [PDAC-324] - Add Display Property As Image Macro
  • [PDAC-325] - Selection Box for High/Medium/Low
  • [PDAC-327] - Add Button to create an Child Document


  • [PDAC-314] - Automatically reference the resource instance referenced by an excerpt
  • [PDAC-315] - Automatically reference the resource instance referenced by a quote
  • [PDAC-316] - Make it easier to render one-column Results as Paragraphs
  • [PDAC-317] - Default to Resource Document in case of the Cite Macro
  • [PDAC-318] - Quote Macros: Add Space Properties to add Prefix for Page Location
  • [PDAC-328] - Replace Placeholder in Short Descriptions

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