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SWAD Sections

List of all sections in SWADs.
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The introduction to the architecture documentation lists the driving forces that software architects must consider in their decisions. This includes on the one hand the fulfillment of functional requirements of the stakeholders, on the other hand the fulfillment of or compliance with required constraints, always in consideration of the architecture goals.
Lists any requirement that constrains software architects in their freedom of design decisions or the development process.
Describes the context view that defines the boundaries of the system under development to distinguish it from neighboring systems.
Provides a short summary and explanation of the fundamental solution ideas and strategies.
Provides a static decomposition of the system into building blocks and the relationships between them.
Describes the behavior and interaction of the systems building blocks as runtime elements.
Describes the environment within which the system is executed.
Covers examples of frequent cross-cutting concerns.
Documents all important design decisions and their reasons.
Summarizes all relevant scenarios to systematically evaluate the architecture against the quality requirements.
Lists the identified technical risks, ordered by priority.
Lists the most important terms of the software architecture in alphabetic order.

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