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All Interfaces

Name Short Description Parent
currently restricted to Gradle: The build system uses HtmlSC as configured in the buildscript.
Exposes the #AllChecksRunner class, as described in AllChecksRunner.
Exposes HtmlSC via a standard Gradle plugin, as described in the Gradle user guide.
The Gradle CheckResults Java-API.
The Gradle PageResults Java-API.
The Gradle RunResults Java-API.
HtmlSC needs access to several local files, especially the html page to be checked and to the corresponding image directories.
The Result interface is used by all clients (especially Reporter subclasses, graphical and command-line clients) to access checking results. It consists of three distinct APIs for overall RunResults, single-page results (PageResults) and single-check results (CheckResults).
arc42 user uses a command line shell to call the HtmlSC


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